UNISSOGRAFF Friends Around The World (original)


Unissograff Ambassadors come from a variety of countries and backgrounds and all walks of life. We wondered what are some of the ways Unissograff has influenced the lives of these diverse individuals and what it means for their hopes and desires?

Find out more in some of these interviews and articles they have kindly shared...

Mari Akamatsu, pianist and composer    Madoka Miwa, researcher and doctor  

【Mari Akamatsu/ pianist and composer】

【Madoka Miwa/ researcher and doctor】 

【Sesshu Kondo/ EKOIN Deputy chief priest】

【Hirohumi Nojima/ voice actor and narrator】

【Yurin/voice actor and narrator】

Shingo Ogawa/Chairman of the certified NPO Terra Renaissance】

【Tosha Maggy/the certified NPO Terra Renaissance】

【Tai Ezumi/the certified NPO Terra Renaissance】