Mission, Vision and Values

Unissograff Mission

To support and change children's lives for the better, through Art & Design and the power of their own drawings.

Unissograff Vision

【Future vision of UNISSOGRAFF = Realisation】

Put simply, the future vision of UNISSOGRAFF is realising “World Peace”.

This means a world where children everywhere, through the efforts of adults, can enjoy the opportunities of support and education to live equally, protected from human conflict and violence.

Acting as a symbol of this “World Peace”, UNISSOGRAFF takes the drawings of children who live in conflict-stricken and impoverished areas and uses them as inspiration to create art for all to enjoy, and to give something back to them.
To this end, we partner with NPOs and NGOs that work in such areas to provide art workshops based upon the themes of [Peace] and [Homeland]. Through sharing, merchandising and enlightenment, we bring UNISSOGRAFF artwork created in this way to individuals and organisations throughout the world so that we, as adults together across the globe, can create an environment that supports the survival and upbringing of children everywhere.

collage of pictures of children

Unissograff Values

Unissograff simple logo image"There Are Children"

And we want to see them smiling.
Our primary guiding principle at Unissograff is that children are at the centre of everything we do. Creating a better future for children is the focus of our activities.
With this in mind, we do not try to tug at your heart-strings with stirring images of sad children but instead share images of them smiling.
Because we know from experience that you do not see children crying while they are drawing their dreams.

Unissograff simple logo imageWe always donate

We donate on all Unissograff products. In cases where a donation partner is not specified, the designated amount will be donated to our primary donation partner Terra Renaissance, or will contribute towards a future art workshop project.

Unissograff simple logo imageProtect children's privacy

Unissograff will only use drawings with the approval of the children who drew them and/or that of their guardian. We will never knowingly use children's artwork without permission.

Unissograff simple logo imageCareful selection of donation partners

We will only partner with organisations (NPO, NGO, etc.) on condition that they directly operate with staff stationed in areas suffering from conflict, disaster or poverty, and whose primary activities include the survival and education of local children.

Unissograff simple logo imageSupport sustainability and human rights.

We only engage with organisations that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and respecting human rights. All Unissograff designs are maintained digitally and we only produce items on a order basis to minimise our carbon footprint. (read more about our philosophy here).
Unissograff operates internationally and we will not tolerate racism, discrimination or abuse of any kind.

Unissograff simple logo imageMaintain High Product and Service Quality

We aim to provide customers with high quality products the way that they want them, and will make every effort to address issues while always looking for ways to improve.


"RAKUGAI drawn by children is a heart of peace" with image of child drawing