Partnership Enquiries

Unissograff UK Ltd, parent company of UNISSOGRAFF™LONDON, is always open to new partnerships. If you think that we might be a fit with your own organisation, and you are interested in working with us, please find more details below.


For companies interested in using UNISSOGRAFF designs for use with their own products or advertising.

We provide access to original drawings, UNISSOGRAFF artwork designs, photographs from the areas we support, as well as information from our partner relief organisations for use with your own company’s social contribution activities and public relations.



For non-profit charitable organisations interested in collaborating to plan and manage Rakugaki Art workshops, which we base on the themes of ‘Peace’, ‘Hometown’ and ‘Future’, for children in areas requiring support. 20% of all related product design fees, included in the retail price, shall be donated your organisation annually in March.

* Please note that your organisation must directly operate with staff stationed in areas suffering from conflict, disaster or poverty, and whose primary activities include the survival and education of local children.


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