The Unissograff Logo
Changing children's lives, through Art and Design

"Overall impression"

Taken as a whole, the UNISSOGRAFF logo represents a face with a single eye; a single straight vision without duplicity, conflict or duality, and embodying the UNISSOGRAFF message.
Looking straight and steadfastly ahead, aiming to support the survival and education of children.

"The sum of many parts"
1. The red circle depicts “the sun which shines equally on all of us”, as well as suggesting the social art & design of Japan.

2. Accompanying the eye, the yellow elements form the initials of “Unisson” and “Graffiti”. These crescent shapes are also reminiscent of the classic samurai ‘kabuto’ helmet, symbolising the battle to expand the reach of relief and art & design to those who are denied those rights, and the global movement for world peace that fights against the wars and injustice that impede our future.