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Children painting at a Unissograff art workshop in Cambodia

Supporting children in suffering

There is a child behind every one of our designs.
Using their own drawings, UNISSOGRAFF™ supports the survival and education of children suffering in conflict and impoverishment through Art & Fashion.

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Banner showing Unissograff products and a girl drawing on a wall

A fashionable way to help!

Unissograff has a range of products and a portion of the proceeds from each one goes towards supporting the children that drew the pictures used in each design. Grab one of our unique designs and contribute yourself.

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How about your own children's pictures?

A collaboration between your own child’s drawings and our contemporary artist. Just send us a photograph(s) of their drawings and we will create a one-of-a-kind UNISSOGRAFF™ custom art design, just for you! 

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World Peace Collage Campaign

Image of red light traffic signal
Image of Unissograff peace collage banner flag

Take a picture... of your picture!

We are appealing for drawings from around the world on the theme of 'beloved people, beloved places'.
Unissograff artist, ca37, will use each and every drawing we receive to create a limitless digital Peace Art Collage design.
This living artwork will be available here on our web-site for anyone to download, absolutely free and at any time, to use for ordering your own fashion or interior items, for marketing or other activities, or however you wish. Click here to find out more!

Fantasy AQUARIUM_02 Mug for Great East Japan Earthquake disaster relief UNISSOGRAFF Art Handbag for UGANDA UNISSOGRAFF Mens Cut And Sew Slim T-Shirt "Army Tour" UNISSOGRAFF Tea Dress for UGANDA 01 UNISSOGRAFF Scarf Wrap Or Shawl For UGANDA 01


UNISSOGRAFF™ Product Line-up

Designs created from children's drawings. We offer an extensive collection of clothes and items created using our unique designs - and they all contribute to supporting children around the world.

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