"Children → Art → Peace" message with image of girl holding the world

Our Philosophy

At Unissograff our mission is to support and change children's lives for the better, and we believe that everything we do must be aligned with this mission if we are to realise our vision of a building a better future.
That includes the environment.

Unissograff simple logo imageDigital Designs

All of our artwork designs are maintained digitally to ensure they can be easily shared, distributed and prepared for product manufacture without the need for physical materials (n.b. with the exception of the original children's drawings incorporated into our designs; see below)

Unissograff simple logo imageOn-line custom ordering

We only maintain an on-line custom-order presence in order to remove or minimise the costs and environmental impact of unnecessary manufacturing and storage, production of unwanted goods, and excessive use of resources. This means that nothing needs to be burned to keep our brand value.

Unissograff simple logo imageProduct Materials

Our manufacturer operates with a vision to reduce landfill through responsible end-to-end production and increase consciousness of sustainability & eco-friendliness. Everything is created made-to-order at one location in the UK to reduce carbon footprint, and using sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, including the ink used in the printing process.
Materials are sourced from the EU where possible and use FSC certified materials.
Furthermore, although we do feature a limited number of leather products Unissograff tries to also offer imitation/vegan alternatives where available.

Unissograff simple logo imagePackaging

While of course maintaining a balance so as not to compromise the condition of your purchase, all physical Unissograff London products are shipped with minimum packaging to ensure limited use of materials and lighter weight, and using only reputable carriers.
Although this means your products may not arrive to you in a gorgeous wrapping (which, let's face it, most of us would just rip off and throw out anyway), you can rest assured that every effort has been made to get them to you in the same condition as when they left but without a big and wasteful impact on the environment.

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