Hirofumi Nojima

"Unissograff. The purity of children and the skill of an artist, transformed into professional art.
I was deeply impressed by the balance between the spirituality of the concept and the support that is actually realised as a result."

HIROFUMI NOJIMA (JAPAN) / Voice actor, Narrator

You can always can feel the infinite creativity, the infinite possibilities, the infinite potential, in children's drawings. And through subtle collaboration, this is all transformed into art... I think that the result - something that really can make people happy - just bursts with meaning and charm.

Trying out my T-shirt, I found it was so light-weight and comfortable that it was good for everything from everyday-wear to sports... I reckon it's in for some heavy-duty usage!

And I look forward to continuing to support this Unissograff endeavour.

The T-shirt that I'm wearing here features the "Army Tour" design, based on a drawing made by a child living in the minefield areas of Cambodia.

Image of the original "army tour" artwork design

Original "Army Tour" artwork design

UNISSOGRAFF Mens Cut And Sew T-Shirt "Army Tour"

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Voice actor. Aside from his prolific contributions to anime and film voice-overs, and as well as television narration, Hirofumi is also famous for his many hobbies, including bicycling.
With his strong interest in fashion, he also shares the vision of Unissograff-London.

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