UNISSOGRAFF Wrap Dress for UGANDA 02BL front view
UNISSOGRAFF Wrap Dress for UGANDA 02BL left side view
UNISSOGRAFF Wrap Dress for UGANDA 02BL right side view
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Children dancing in Uganda
Collecting painted footprints of children dancing in Uganda
Painted footprints of children in Uganda


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With a stylish oriental style design, evoking the essence of Japanese paintings and clothing, this alluring Unissograff Ladies Wrap Dress supports the social rehabilitation of former child soldiers in Uganda.

Seductively sitting just above the knee with an elegant top stitch cleavage and belt, this wrap dress is a devastatingly gorgeous must-have that makes a statement.

20% of the net proceeds from your purchase will be donated to NPO Terra Renaissance which works locally to help former child soldiers in Uganda.
The high-definition design was created through the collaboration of children living in some of the war-stricken regions there and our own Unissograff artist ca37.
The painted footprints from local children taking part in a folk dance make up part of the collage.

Unissograff is art that would be incomplete without children.

The perfect garment to make you feel luscious, this stunning slim fit wrap has a belt tie at the waist to accentuate your natural figure and comes in a choice of two stunning fabrics.
It was designed exclusively by Unissograff artist ca37, and is hand-made in London.

Stylishly comfortable

A beautiful figure-hugging garment with an elegant drape, it sits just above the knee and is ideal for the body-conscious.

Available in Solange Silky Jersey, a single jersey with a very fine rib detailing and great stretch, or Soft Fashion Jersey, an incredibly soft jersey which is smooth to the touch.

There is a small partition in the seam of the right-hand side seam to feed the belt through and create that well-known wraparound effect. This is finished on the inside with a topstitch.
The belt ties at the front and is finished with the same gorgeous top stitch as the cleavage of the deep v-neck line.

With long tapered sleeves, this custom wrap dress, UK handmade to order, is a delightful, sophisticated garment.

Coordinate with Unissograff!

Woman modelling Unissograff dress and handbag

This charming stylish wrap dress looks fantastic with jewellery and accessories. If you are heading out and about for the day, why not try matching with some Unissograff Hi-Cut Espadrilles and a Unissograff handbag for a truly unique look.

Unissograff Cross-body Bag

Or for something more formal, perhaps a classy Unissograff crossbody bag and a Unissograff scarf to really make a point.

Have fun finding your own unique expression!

Designer Wrap Dress

Designer Wrap Dress

  • Solange Silky Jersey or Soft Fashion Jersey
  • Body-hugging slim style to accentuate your figure
  • Top stitch cleavage and belt tie at the waist
  • V-neck, long sleeve above knee wrap dress
  • Choice of black or white trim
  • Handmade in the United Kingdom

Care Instructions

Turn inside-out and wash at 30°C / 85°F. Use tumble dryer at low temperature, or hang-dry without squeezing. Only use iron at low temperature and apply to reverse side of the designed fabric.

  • Wash at 30 Degrees
  • Wash at 85 Fahrenheit
  • Tumble 1
  • No Wring
  • Low Heat
  • Steam Safe

Check your size

BUST 76 -
80 cm
30 -
31.5 "
80 -
84 cm
31.5 -
33 "
84 - 
88.5 cm
33 -
34.5 "
88.5 -
93.5 cm
34.5 -
36.5 "
93.5 -
99 cm
36.5 -
39 "
99 -
105 cm
39 -
41.3 "
105 -
112 cm
41.3 -
44 "
WAIST 57 -
61 cm
22.5 -
24 "
61 -
65 cm
24 -
25.5 "
65 -
69.5 cm
25.5 -
27.3 "
69.5 -
74.5 cm
27.3 -
29.3 "
74.5 -
80 cm
29.3 -
31.5 "
80 -
86 cm
31.5 -
33.8 "
86 -
93 cm
33.8 -
36.6 "
HIPS 84 - 
88 cm
33 -
34.5 "
88 - 
92 cm
34.5 -
36.22 "
92 - 
96.5 cm
36.22 -
38 "
96.5 -
101.5 cm
38 -
40 "
101.5 -
107 cm
40 -
42 "
107 -
113 cm
42 -
44.5 "
113 -
120 cm
44.5 -
47.2 "

 Dress measurement (bust)  Dress measurement (waist) Dress measurement (hips)
 Measure around the fullest part. Measure around the natural waistline (smallest part).  Measure around the fullest part (across buttocks).
XS (F)
S (F) M (F) L (F) XL (F) 2XL (F)
XS (F)
S (F)
M (F)
L (F)
XL (F)
2XL (F)
XS (F)
S (F)
M (F)
L (F)
XL (F)
2XL (F)


Solange Silky Jersey

Incredibly soft to the touch, solange silk jersey material has good stretch on the weft, with fine ribbed detailing on the face and has been expertly selected for use in ladies fashion.


Soft Fashion Jersey

Stretchy and lightweight, soft fashion jersey is perfect for slim fit garments. An incredibly soft touch fabric, it feels like a second skin, holding shape well and accentuating the beauty of the human form.

[Donations generated by Ugandan artwork]

Terra Renaissance logo image

Among our activities, Unissograff™ generates funding to support the education and well-being of children in the minefield villages of Cambodia, and the social rehabilitation of young people who were engaged as child soldiers in the civil conflicts of Uganda.

Currently all donations generated by artwork created from children in Uganda are made to Ugandan branch of Terra Renaissance, an officially certified NPO organisation based in Kyoto which stations its people on the ground in the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Republic of Uganda to actively support the people of these aforementioned areas.

This way we know that our donations are 100% used for the purpose with which they were intended, supporting the areas they were intended for.

↓Find out more about UN recognised NGO and certified NPO Terra Renaissance↓

Children in Uganda collecting painted footprints

Certified NPO Terra Renaissance was established in October 2001 with the aim of "realizing a society (world peace) where all lives can exist in safety and peace".

Unissograff Ambassadors Tosha Maggy and Shingo Ogawa

In 2005, they dispatched expatriate staff and started a rehabilitation project for former child soldiers in northern Uganda. As of February 2017, they have facilitated the rehabilitation of 192 ex-child soldiers and provided livelihood support to about 1,000 ex-child soldiers' families. Additionally, in collaboration with the Uganda Small Weapons Action Network (UANSA) they also conduct activities to educate the general public about the issue of illegal small arms.

Official English language webpage: https://www.terra-r.jp/index.html 

Official website*: https://www.terra-r.jp/index.html 
(*Please note this site is currently Japanese language only)

Terra Renaissance and Unissograff Uganda images
Some of our products which donate to Terra Renaissance in Uganda:


UNISSOGRAFF Long Sleeve T-Shirt for UGANDA

UNISSOGRAFF Long Sleeve T-Shirt for UGANDA

Unissograff link symbol If you would like to know more about Terrra Rennaissance, or anything else on this site, please feel free to get in touch with us.