Tai Ezumi

"I cannot forget these flowers. Because they are a symbol of peace for the children."

TAI EZUMI (CAMBODIA) / Director & Asia Business Manager, NPO Terra Renaissance


1. Please introduce yourself; tell us what you do and where you are based.

Unissograff Ambassador Tai Ezumi modeling the UNISSOGRAFF Mens Cut And Sew T-Shirt Army Tour

My name is Tai Ezumi. I work as Director and Asia Business Manager for NPO Terra Renaissance, and I live in Cambodia.

2. Please tell us what you like most about your Unissograff product.

This t-shirt fits me perfectly and is very easy to move around in. I like wearing it when I stay at home, playing with my children, or walking around the village, and when I do exercise.

3. What attracted you most to the Unissograff art-piece that formed the basis for this product's design?

"NIGHT BLOSSOM" with original rakugaki

I chose this design because this picture was drawn by a child in this village that we support at Terra Renaissance.
The children here drew pictures of their favourite things in their village, and one of them drew some flowers.
These flowers grow and bloom in the soil after they cleared it of landmines.

More than 6,000 mines have been removed from this village alone but there are still some landmines left in the mountains.
You can see the mountains just over there

I cannot forget these flowers.
Because I think they are a symbol of peace for the children.

4. What aspects of what Unissograff is doing do you identify with most?

Children drawing in Cambodia

Unissograff is an absolutely unique activity, using drawings to change children's lives through art and design.

We at Terra Renaissance support people who have suffered from conflict and disaster.

Here in Cambodia, we have been enhancing the resilience of people such as landmine survivors or villagers who found themselves in socially vulnerable positions.

We have been providing knowledge and techniques for growing organic vegetables and livestock breeding to the villagers.
In this village we also support goat-breeding, and many of the villagers seem to be very happy with it.

5. How do you think you might be involved in Unissograff's activities in the future?

I would like to thank Unissograff, and I would like to support Unissograff.
And I would like to work with them together, to connect more and more people through art and design.
I wish that more people would know each other, love each other and help each other.

Tai Ezumi at work in Cambodia with Terra Renaissance

interview courtesy: Tai Ezumi (CAMBODIA) / Director & Asia Business Manager, NPO Terra Renaissance


UNISSOGRAFF Cut And Sew Long Sleeve T-Shirt for CAMBODIA 01

*The t-shirt that Mr Ezumi wears above is a cut & sew long-sleeve shirt featuring drawings made by children in minefield regions of Cambodia and based upon the theme of "What I like best about my hometown".
The front displays the message "Wear. My Peace" as a symbol of hope.

<Tai Ezumi PROFILE>

Director & Asia Business Manager with certified NPO Terra Renaissance

While attending Miyazaki Municipal University in 2003, participated in a Terra Renaissance Cambodia Study Tour for the first time.

Later assumed responsibility for the lecturing division of the NGO Zero Landmines Miyazaki, and entered a master's program at the Graduate School of International Relations, Ritsumeikan University.

Following two years of internship with NPO Terra Renaissance, moved to Cambodia in March of 2008.

Currently oversees Cambodia business operations. Tai is married to a Cambodian woman and is father to three children.

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