"I never imagined that my own child's drawings could be turned into something this wonderful!"

"Just looking at it makes me happy!!"

YURIN (JAPAN) / Voice actor and Narrator

Yurin wearing her Unissograff T-shirt

Yurin showing the back of her Unissograff T-shirt

Could I have imagined that pictures my own child drew would be transformed into something as remarkable as this?! It really makes me happy just looking at it!

Particularly at times such as these, the fact that Unissograff can transform the energy and ideas of children - children who will build our future - into things that enhance our everyday lives just calls for my wholehearted support!

The T-shirt I am wearing today features a unique collage of two drawings my son made and was designed exclusively for me!

Image of the original artwork design

Original artwork design for UNISSOGRAFF Ladies T Shirt for rui 01


While spending time every day with children through my work as a narrator and voice actor, I went through a big change when I became a mother myself and felt my world open up further.
I really want to make the most of myself now, and take on all sorts of challenges, not just in my voice work. I strive every day to be as bright as I can and love my life!

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