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Unissograff™ generates funding to support the education and well-being of children in the minefield villages of Cambodia, and the social rehabilitation of young people who were engaged as child soldiers in the civil conflicts of Uganda.

Currently all donations generated by artwork created from the rakugaki drawings made by children in Cambodia are made to Terra Renaissance, an officially certified NPO organisation based in Kyoto which stations its people on the ground in the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Republic of Uganda to actively support the people of these aforementioned areas.

This way we know that our donations are 100% used for the purpose with which they were intended, supporting the areas they were intended for.

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Unissograff Ambassador Tai Ezumi in Cambodia

Certified NPO Terra Renaissance was established in October 2001 with the aim of "realizing a society (world peace) where all lives can exist in safety and peace".

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It could be said that Cambodia is the origin of the Terra Renaissance. In 2001, they started a mine removal support project, driven by the impact felt by founder Masaya Onimaru when he first visited the minefields there. Motivated by the belief that removing even just one land mine will unquestionably save a potential victim, they have continued since the organisation was established. In addition, since 2008, they have dispatched expatriate staff to implement a village development support project in the area after landmine removal, and at the same time, individually support the livelihood of families with disabilities, including landmine victims.

Official English language webpage: https://www.terra-r.jp/index.html 

Official website*: https://www.terra-r.jp/index.html 
(*Please note this site is currently Japanese language only)

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