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The Great East Japan Earthquake which occurred on 11th March 2011 was a major factor in the creation of Unissograff™ and we are proud to donate to charities that work tirelessly to support children in the area who even now, some ten years on, continue to be affected.

Aftermath destruction left by tsunami in Tohoku

This includes NPO Hanamiyama Conservation Society, in Fukushima prefecture, which through its efforts to protect the Satoyama region around Mt Hanamiyama, renowned in the world of flower arranging, supports children’s hometown education in the area and helped to manage some of Unissograff's initial Rakugaki Art workshops after the disaster.

Cherry blossoms in Tohoku

Inspired by the cleanup activities started by photographer Mamoru Saito who since around 1965 had been taking pictures of the scenery around Hanamiyama, famous for its spring flowers in full bloom, NPO Hanamiyama Conservation Society was established in April 2005 as a "Meeting to Protect Hanamiyama" with the purpose of contributing towards the support of flowering tree (such as cherry blossoms) farmers and the people around Hanamiyama.
Following the the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, the Society has continued to organise and participate in reconstruction support activities in the area, including;

  • Community contribution programmes
  • Nature conservation initiatives
  • International exchange programmes
  • Personal development activities
  • Support activities for various local groups and organisations


Image collage from Unissograff rakugaki art workshop held with NPO Hanamiyama Conservation Group
Products which donate to NPO Hanamiyama Conservation Society:
042 Deidarabocci_Flower_Festival framed print for FUKUSHIMA

042 Deidarabocci_Flower_Festival framed print for FUKUSHIMA

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